Russia, 1921

This is one of my all-time favorite stamps. Keep in mind that this is all done with only black ink, in a space that’s 1.5″ by .5″, and yet the detail and lighting, the sense of depth and motion is just breathtaking. Our handsome young hero, after a long night’s battle, has vanquished the dragon. […]

Ecuador Celebrates the US Constitution

  Ecuador Celebrates the Sesquicentennial of the US Constitution   Ecuador Celebrates the Sesquicentennial of the US Constitution Sometimes I’m happier not knowing the backstory of things. Here are two beautiful stamps (click the pics for larger views). The scans don’t really do them justice. They’re breathtaking in real life. And yet, they don’t make […]

My First Stamp Album

I found My First Stamp Album at a flea market this weekend for $2. It’s a lovely hardcover, published in 1954 by Minkus. I love the parade of clean-cut white children, marching through the streets with their giant stamp signs. A year later the Civil Rights movement would begin, and those signs would change: The […]

Stamp Collecting – Getting Started 2: Get a Bunch of Stamps

Get a bunch of stamps. That’s pretty obvious. That’s why it’s called stamp COLLECTING. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than it used to be. It’s all a matter of what and were. What do you collect, and where do you get the stamps? What to collect is the easy part. For beginners, my advice […]

Stamp Collecting – Getting Started 1

There’s probably better people to be taking advice from. I’m really a beginner myself. Well, really, I’ve been collecting stamps since I was 5, then paused for a while in the 80s, and really just started up again a couple of years ago. Since then, however, the philatelic landscape has changed quite dramatically. When I […]

Why I Collect 1: It keeps me balanced

My life is increasingly accelerated and myopic. Your life might be, too, but you’ve been to busy to realize it. I’m a technical artist and instructor of digital graphic arts. Both careers mean that little of my knowledge is permanent. Unlike, say, being a cooper, where one learns to make barrels, then spends a lifetime […]

Hello, I’m Matt LeClair and I collect postage stamps…

There, I said it. It’s out, and you know, it does feel better talking about things… This has honestly been a difficult thing to go public with. There’s a real stigma against stamp collectors, philatelists, and even though I’ve had a stamp collection since I was five, only my wife and immediate family know about […]

something happened

I’d kept this blog going for quite a while and an accident happened, and now I either have to figure out how to restore the years of posts, or just start from scratch. Today I’m leaning toward starting again from scratch.